Sunday, June 7, 2015

Third Book - No Title

This lovely picture of Sorrento, Italy reminds me of my time there a few years ago.  I'm looking at it for inspiration as I'm coming up dry for a title as I write my third novel in my Probation Officer series.  As you've probably noticed, my first two books begin with a "NO...." theme and I want to continue it for the third one.  Sue Grafton has her alphabet, Janet Evanovich has her numbers, and James Patterson also does numbers in his women's murder club series. Themes tend to have readers remember your work, and writers want to be remembered.  Especially when someone is looking for a good book to read.  Linda Davenport, my protagonist, is being stalked in my third book.  Her life is threatened.  Keeping her safe until the stalker is caught is the main concern of the probation department where she works.  This puts a real damper on her life while she tries to plan her wedding and carry out her duties at work.  Titles such as "No Way Out" or "Nowhere to Turn" don't work for me.  I think they've probably been used already.  Although there's no copyright on titles, I'd still like one that is original.  Any thoughts from you writers out there?  If someone has an idea and I use the title, that someone will get attribution when the novel is published.  Would love to hear any ideas.

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