Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Laguna Woods Book Festival - May 8, 2010

This is me participating in the first annual Laguna Woods, California Book Festival. I, and several other authors, were provided a table for displaying and signing our books. There were many speakers at this all day event, many of whom had written memoirs. It was amazing to learn of the interesting lives some of these people had led, and took the time to write about. One lady had been a singing teacher in New York and had personal stories about James Taylor, Linda Ronstadt, and other well known singers. It was a great day and I actually sold some books.

Monday, May 3, 2010

A Little About My Book

This is the cover of my novel. It's 467 pages long, but readers tell me that it went fast. I like to read books that keep me turning pages until the end. Sometimes I hate to see the book end if it's really good. Other times, when reading a book that's boring (which I have to finish because my book club selected it) I wish it was short.
What are your favorite books? I know that writers are readers. Reading is where it all starts for most of us.

Hello Everyone

Welcome to my blog! I'm a writer with my first published novel, NO STONE UNTURNED. It is a mystery/romance set in southern California, and if you like mysteries, you should like this one. I'd love to hear from the many writers out there - your publishing and promoting experiences, and anything else about writing you'd like to share. I'd like this blog to develop into a forum where we could support each other in our writing efforts. Your thoughts?

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