Monday, May 22, 2017

Reading Suggestions

I've decided not to review Marcia Clark's second book in her defense attorney Samantha Brinkman series. It's an entertaining book, following Ms. Brinkman's wily ways.  You soon learn she will do anything for a client, even if it means crossing a line that she shouldn't. Instead of expanding on this, I want to tell you about a series I've discovered that is so engaging I wish the author had more books than three. She may be working on a fourth. I hope so.

The first two books are "Murder in Thrall" and "Murder in Retribution", set in London with the main characters Scotland Yard detectives.  I'm getting ready to read #3, "Murder in Hindsight". The author, Anne Cleeland, has created the most charming, and unlikely pair, in Kathleen Doyle and Michael Sinclair, Lord Acton. Kathleen is Irish through and through, with a brogue you could cut with a knife. Lord Acton is a polished, refined, Chief Inspector, who happens to be wealthy, titled, and single. They work together as investigators, although the aloof and proper Lord Acton seems completely out of place with the young, chatty, but smart, investigator Kathleen. The books are very well written and you may think you know what will happen to these two, but you need to read the book to really find out. Ms. Cleeland must have done a great deal of research to get the Irish brogue so accurate. If you're a mystery lover, try these books. You won't be disappointed.

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