Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Catherine Kitcho's New Book Available Now

I'm happy to let you know about my friend Catherine Kitcho's newest venture.  She is an author, publisher, and business consultant, but her latest effort is a departure from her usual writings. She, and her co-authors, combined tongue-in-cheek family observations with a drink to go with them.  The stories are fun and the drinks easy to make for even the novice mixologist.  Read more -

The Dysfunctional Family Drink Book is a cocktail book and a humor book that celebrates dysfunctional families with wit and charm. Prompted by a disastrous family get-together, the three related authors vowed to turn family dysfunction into entertainment by creating 76 delicious cocktails and a funny story to go with each one, believing that other families might just have a bit of dysfunction also. The readers are invited to laugh with them or at them as they relate stories about relationships, siblings, childhood, family feuds, kin, difficult parents, holidays, family get-togethers, and vacations. The book is beautifully packaged as a hardcover, with a lie-flat binding inside to facilitate using the cocktail recipes. Each drink has a unique name (such as Banana Split and So Did He, Unrelenting Guilt, Sibling Rivalry, Family Feud Fizz), a gorgeous color photo, easy to follow recipe, and a little story to make you think and laugh.

The book is available for purchase through the book’s website (currently $20.00): (Secure PayPal ordering system that accepts credit cards)

It’s also available from for $24.95 (search by ISBN)

Book info:

Title: The Dysfunctional Family Drink Book

Authors: Marcia Skinner, Amber Skinner, and Catherine Kitcho

Publisher: Pele Publications

Publication date: July 2011

Page Count: 195 (hardcover)

ISBN: 978-192993612-0

The holidays are not that far off.  This book would be a great gift for that hard-to-buy person who also likes to have an occasional drink, and a good laugh to go with it.

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