Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kindle Competition

When Kindle was first launched it was innovative and grew in popularity to the extent that others soon followed. Now Kindle is getting competition from the Nook and other e-readers. Seeing their lead disappearing, they've come up with Kindle Select. Read all about it on the Amazon Kindle site. It sounds good to Kindle authors until you read the fine print. If you sign up for it, your book is loaned via Kindle, and the author receives royalties based on the number of loans per month. In order to sign on, you must agree to NOT sell your book in any other digital format!!! Your book may never be loaned, so no royalties. But, it also can't be bought on the Nook, Sony reader, or in my case, as an e-book from my website. Why lose potential sales for an opportunity that may never come. The only one benefitting is Amazon by keeping your book available only on their reader.

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