Saturday, January 29, 2011

Self-Published Authors - Take Note

There is a website:  which is willing to give exposure to books by self-published authors.  More and more writers are self-publishing these days, with less stigma attached than in the past.  Often, though, it is still difficult to promote your book because of old notions that only traditionally published books can be good.  Check this site out.  They will be doing a launch in March of self-published books.  Make sure yours is on there.


  1. Thanks for the promo, Jeanette! As you know, we have been up and running for almost 2 months now. We are pushing toward 700 self-published books and ebooks on the site. I just redesigned the site to better accommodate all the Kindle books I am receiving from self-published authors.

    It is exciting to see how many people are trying to have a voice today. We would love to have you join us at Facebook on our fan page.

  2. Thanks for the Facebook invite, but I'm not on Facebook. If I decide to join I'll certainly be in touch.


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