Saturday, November 30, 2013

My Blog Has Been Hacked by BuddyHost

Bloggers, are you having the same problem I am? When I'm on my blog, and try to post by clicking on the "post" at the top right of my screen, or I try to click on a "comment" to one of my blogs, instead I get a box that pops up asking me to monetize my blog. At the bottom of the box is an OK or Cancel. If I click on either one, it takes me out of the blog and onto a BuddyHost screen, which is a scam. When I exit the BuddyHost screen, I'm taken completely out of my blog and have to start over. I'm only able to do this blog because I had to go off my site. I've written twice to Blogger administrators to please clean this up but nothing's happened yet. Others are having the same problem because if you note on the BuddyHost screen, at the bottom, it says Blogger, and if you click on it you will see comments from others trying to rid themselves of this annoyance. Any help would be more than appreciated.


  1. Remove the malicious Daily Calender widget. It redirects the clicks to their site.

    1. Thank you so much!! I removed the calendar and it worked. I can now work on my blog again.

  2. I cannot even edit my blog to remove the Calendar widget :-(

  3. Im about to lose it - I have so much I want to add to my blog and I CAN'T GET IN. I have the same problem as Arawak...any advice would be appreciated =) Happy 2014!

  4. Hooray! It finally worked! Thank you so much!


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