Monday, June 11, 2012

Book Review

Nothing to Lose (Jack Reacher, #12)Nothing to Lose by Lee Child
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

"Reacher said nothing." This is my second Reacher novel and it appears that this phrase is Lee Child's "go to" comment when Reacher is in the midst of controversy, which is always. This time Jack Reacher is traveling in Colorado and wanders into a town called Despair. He tries to buy a cup of coffee and finds that not only is his business not wanted, the townspeople want him out of Despair. Why? Reacher can't ignore a puzzle like this. With the help of Deputy Vaughn, of the Hope Sheriff's Dept., he uncovers the real reason the town is off limits to almost everyone. Of course this involves his return to Despair several times, each time being more dangerous, as he tries to investigate without being seen. Vaughn has her own sad story, which makes her willing to go along with Reacher. It wraps up in the end with a very strange twist. Reacher is now free to leave the area. After bidding good-bye to Vaughn, we see him heading toward San Diego, with only the clothes on his back, as usual.

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