Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Traveling in the U.K.

I just returned from a two week trip to England, Scotland, and Wales.  I managed to publicize my novel while there, especially since it is now available on  People seemed interested.  We'll see what my sales look like.  It was a beautiful trip and I'll post a picture or two once I've uploaded them to my computer.


  1. I toured England and Scotland in July. It was amazing! Where did you go?

  2. Karen,

    Forgive me for such a late response to your September blog comment about my trip to the U.K. I just now discovered it!!! I traveled all over England, starting in London then all the way north to the Lake District, where I reconnected with a friend who lives in Cumbria I visited many cities, such as Cambridge, York, Bowness, Graesmere, Bath, and more. Aftr a two day stop in Wales, went on to Edinburgh before coming home. I really love England. Many of the villages we traveled through looked like something out of Masterpiece Theater. How about you?


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